Enstore Full Library Manager Info Help


Enstore Full Library Manager Info shows the most recent known state of a library manager. This page will automatically refresh, based on the value listed in the inquisitor section of the configuration file. It is created by the inquisitor, and includes the time/date when it was last updated in its upper right hand corner.

Library Manager Table

The library manager table shows the last known status of the library managers in question. The color of the background for the library manager name (first column), represents a visual cue to the status of the library manager.

Everything is OK
A library manager is alive but in one of the following states
The library manager does not appear to be alive
The library manager is not being monitored
An error occurred while getting the elements status

State Information

The state row contains the following information -

NameStatusHostPortDate/TimeLast Time Alive
Library manager name
  • alive - the library manager is alive
  • dead - the library manager is presumed dead
  • timed out - the library manager has not sent a heartbeat for awhile
  • no info yet - the inquisitor has recently been restarted and is still collecting the state of the library manager
  • not monitoring - this library manager is not being monitored.
host on which the library manager is runningport on which the library manager listens for connections last time the library managers' information was obtained
  • "        " - the library manager is currently alive
  • -------- - the library manager has never been alive since the inquisitor started
  • date/time - the last time the library manager was seen alive

Library Manager Additional Information

The additional Library Manager information includes the following -
Internal StateInternal state of the library manager, appended to the status information described in the above table
Suspect VolumeList of Suspect Volumes and the Mover which reported them as suspect
Ongoing TransfersNumber of transfers currently assigned to Movers
Pending TransfersNumber of transfers not yet assigned to a Mover
Work At Movers QueueDetails on the work assigned to a Mover, including a link to that Mover
Pending QueueDetails on the work not yet assigned to a Mover

Only a configurable number of queue elements will be displayed on this page. If the total number of queue elements is larger than this value, the rest of the elements will be displayed on a separate page and a link to this page will be included at the end of the queue with which it is associated (Extra Queue Rows (n), n is the number of elements on the additional page).

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