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Enstore Movers shows the most recent known state of all of the movers in the Enstore system. This page will automatically refresh, based on the value listed in the inquisitor section of the configuration file. It is created by the inquisitor, and includes the time/date when it was last updated in its upper right hand corner.

Mover Table

The mover table shows the last known status of the each mover in the system. Each mover displays a State. This is the first row of information associated with a mover. The color of the background for the name of an element (first column), represents a visual cue to the status of the element.

Everything is OK
A mover is alive but in one of the following states
The mover does not appear to be alive
The mover is not being monitored
An error occurred while getting the movers' status

State Information

The state row contains the following information -

NameStatusHostPortDate/TimeLast Time Alive
Server Name
  • alive - the mover is alive
  • dead - the mover is presumed dead
  • timed out - the mover has sent a heartbeat for awhile
  • no info yet - the inquisitor has recently been restarted and is still collecting the state of the mover
  • not monitoring - this mover is not being monitored.
host on which the mover is runningport on which the mover listens for connections last time the movers' information was obtained
  • "        " - the mover is currently alive
  • -------- - the mover has never been alive since the inquisitor restarted
  • date/time - the last time the mover was seen alive

Mover Additional Information

The additional mover information includes the following -
Completed TransfersNumber of transfers this mover has completed since the last restart
Failed TransfersNumber of failed transfers this mover has encountered since the last restart
Current StateOne of the legal mover states, appended to the status information described in the above table
Current/Last Read (bytes)How many bytes are/have been read in the current/last transfer
VolumeThe volume that is being read from or written to
Current/Last Write (bytes)How many bytes are/have been written in the current/last transfer
Location CookieThe location of the file on the tape
Source FileThe name of the file that is being read
Destination FileThe name of the file that is being written

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